His & Her Beauty Salon (2023)

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This place has received very good reviews, we recommend visiting them. Sure they’ll give you a very great service.

His & Her Beauty Salon (1)Amara K

I normally don’t write reviews but Bobby totally deserves one. I have never met someone super warm like her. She did an amazing job for my color and haircut and prices were reasonable too. I totally recommend her to everyone, You would not be disappointed. I’m definitely coming back and she will be my go to❤️

His & Her Beauty Salon (2)Satvir kaur Sidhu

Thank you so much…Honestly, saying I had best experience here and her patience level is 10/10.I got my laser started here and any other things including waxing and hair treatmentI love it and would go all the time..My mom’s eyebrow was super duper perfect she was so happy ..Moreover, prices are very affordable..I would highly recommend everybody to visit it.

His & Her Beauty Salon (3)Manvir Gill

My first time experience at this salon has been great. Bobby is very friendly and informative. She’s done a great job overall, especially with my eyebrows. Also thank you so much for adjusting me last minute as a first time client.

His & Her Beauty Salon (4)Gagan Bhangu

all the time i had great experience, she is very nice by nature and always provide good services and she is so experienced in this profession like facial, makeup,haircut and all that. Always i prefer to visit his and her saloon. thank you so much for such a great great… services. ❤️❤️

His & Her Beauty Salon (5)Bisma Naeem

Wonderful service! She is fast, attentive, and efficient. Very friendly, and makes the laser hair removal feel like nothing with how experienced and fast she is!

His & Her Beauty Salon (6)G Dulay

So sweet and talented! My mom and I have been using her services for make up, threading, hair and much more for years now. She has always been so reliable and friendly. I would 100% recommend

His & Her Beauty Salon (7)Sharan

Had an amazing experience with hair treatment and facial. Thank you so much for wonderful service. I would highly recommend everyone to visit and get outstanding results.

His & Her Beauty Salon (8)Karamroop Toor

She was so kind, funny and made me feel safe and at home and the work she did was done so quickly, efficiently, and not to mention, beautifully. The quality of her work is amazing. I would highly recommend going to her for all your beauty needs.

His & Her Beauty Salon (9)gurpreet kaur

She is very nice by nature and always provide best service to her customers.. I recommend to all for visiting this salon if anyone wants to get an amazing service

His & Her Beauty Salon (10)sanyam

This is the only salon i go to me and my mom get everything including waxing, laser haircuts and makeup for events. We both highly recommend going here she does a great job, she’s very qualified and gives professional services and professional advice when it comes to her job. Overall very good salon.

His & Her Beauty Salon (11)harmeet Kaur

She is really a very passionate lady, truely talented. Thank you so much for such wonderful services. I was so pleased with my hair the other day . I highly recommend visiting the salon . I ‘m already looking forward to my next appointment :) see you very soon!!

His & Her Beauty Salon (12)rhythm gill

during covid it’s important that businesses keep their “supplies” clean, and that is exactly what His & Her beauty does. Super professional and amazing services!

His & Her Beauty Salon (13)jugnu dhanoa

I had a excellent experience with this salon.she is very sweet and professional.i done my laser from her and got great result.i recommended to everyone please visit to this salon to take great services.

His & Her Beauty Salon (14)Sonal Nagar

Bobby is very professional and talented. I've used laser, waxing, threading and hair coloring from her. Under her guidance my skin and hair is once again very healthy !!

His & Her Beauty Salon (15)Sukhneet D

Lovely lady that offers a variety of services, and did a great job for my haircut. Will definitely be back!

His & Her Beauty Salon (16)Shubh Punia

Very professional service..I get every kind of service from her and i cannot think of going anywhere else now..she does the best haircuts and facials..highly recommended

His & Her Beauty Salon (17)Saruba Srirajah

Me and my daughter went for the first time, she did a wonderful job with the short layers. Very kind person, I would recommend anyone to go for a haircut!

His & Her Beauty Salon (18)Yasvi Patel

Cut my hair nicely and also blow dried it amazingly. She also did my eyebrows and was very nice.

His & Her Beauty Salon (19)Harman Grewal

Best place for facial and waxing . I m really satisfied with services and oswm customer dealing .

His & Her Beauty Salon (20)Akshita Khanna

I had a great experience. Such a beautiful haircut i got from here.

His & Her Beauty Salon (21)Satvir Pattar

Excellent service 😍😍 Highly recommended ♥️Thank you 😍♥️

His & Her Beauty Salon (22)Manjot Dhanoa

i had a excellent experience with this saloon. i am taking a laser service from this salon and getting great result.As well m taking threading, facial, haircut services, it’s amazing. she is very sweet and polite with customers. i recommend to everyone please visitthis salon to take great services.

His & Her Beauty Salon (23)Penny N

Thank you sooooo much for all your help on Saturday. My final look was unbelievably amazing.😊The make up and hair was on point!My make up lasted all night!!! Received many compliments!! 😍

His & Her Beauty Salon (24)Baljeet punia

Amazing service Boby always goes above and beyond what I expect. I will definitely be going back and I highly recommend her...

His & Her Beauty Salon (25)jasleen bhinder

This was one of the best experiences I had at a salon. It was affordable, great quality work, and very friendly service. It felt like I was in the comfort of my own home and I highly recommend to anyone who needs to get anything done.

His & Her Beauty Salon (26)Amanpreet Kaur Hari Ke

Amazing experience with her. she is very professional. excellent customer service. Very neat and clean, comfortable environment. She is very flexible with time. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

His & Her Beauty Salon (27)Chantelle Roberts

Very professional very comfortable environment I felt right at home. Her eyebrows and waxing are amazing and she always flexible with appointment times. Keep up the good work.

His & Her Beauty Salon (28)Dhruvi Surani

I love His annd Her salon. It has very affordable and quality services. Bobby is very professional and treat everyone with respect. Once u start going there, U can't resist..!!🤘

His & Her Beauty Salon (29)Said Gheysari

My friend went for the facial and hair removal treatment. She was so impressed with the level of care and professionalism. Great place!

His & Her Beauty Salon (30)Love Jeet

Great experience with owner of the salon she did unbelievable job. 👍🏻

His & Her Beauty Salon (31)Aditi Patel

I had really good experience with this salon because the quality of work is really great.Also Bobby treats her customers very well. I really recommend this salon.

His & Her Beauty Salon (32)Neer Rindi

I am so pleased I started coming to His & Her Beauty salon. It's such a welcoming & friendly professional salon.i would highly recommend to anyone!Lovely atmosphere and warm welcome all makes for a great experience.

His & Her Beauty Salon (33)Jagdeep Sivia

Great experience, affordable prices and a very friendly environment! I loved my experience at 'His & Her Beauty Salon!' 😊

His & Her Beauty Salon (34)Loudi Mellka Vijendiran

Amazing customer service and friendly.Always recommend good products and help and provide good advice for her customers.

His & Her Beauty Salon (35)Maliha Kumar

she is great.very professional, she has so much experience. excellent customer service..I would highly recommend it to everyone 👌👌👌

His & Her Beauty Salon (36)Sasha Randhawa

One of the best salons I’ve been to, great environment and very professional. Would definitely recommend!!

His & Her Beauty Salon (37)Shivali Joshi

Takes her time to make sure her clients are happy with their results!

His & Her Beauty Salon (38)Inder Gill

Amazing experience, pays attention to detail. Would recommend!

His & Her Beauty Salon (39)minnie

Very good service and she is very polite

His & Her Beauty Salon (40)Lovleen Chowhan

She is great. Very professional.

His & Her Beauty Salon (41)Taig Jassar

10/10 experience, would honestly recommend to anyone looking for a salon

His & Her Beauty Salon (42)Paramvir Bhinder

On time and very professional

His & Her Beauty Salon (43)Manpreet

His & Her Beauty Salon (44)Gurleen Johal

His & Her Beauty Salon (45)Preet Sindal

His & Her Beauty Salon (46)Sana Arora

His & Her Beauty Salon (47)Jatinder Kaur

His & Her Beauty Salon (48)Greenland Autocentre

His & Her Beauty Salon (49)Avninder Kaur

His & Her Beauty Salon (50)karamjit brar

His & Her Beauty Salon (51)Gurjot Sanghera

His & Her Beauty Salon (52)Jasmeet Kaur

His & Her Beauty Salon (53)sandeep kaur

His & Her Beauty Salon (54)Urvi Mehta

His & Her Beauty Salon (55)AMANDEEP RANDIO

His & Her Beauty Salon (56)ahmar saiqa

His & Her Beauty Salon (57)Denis D'souza

His & Her Beauty Salon (58)GURSIMRAN KAUR

His & Her Beauty Salon (59)Manraj Saini

His & Her Beauty Salon (60)King

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