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At Durovin Bathrooms, our MO is to make sure your dreams aren't flushed down the drain, that your expectations are met, and that your personal retreat feels truly personalised. Starting with the sink, we will make this vision a reality.

Bathroom Basins Units for The Bold

Let’s face it; a centralised bathroom is a comfortable bathroom, that’s where Durovin Bathrooms comes in. You have your toilets and your bifold shower enclosures, and the porcelain bathroom sink is what brings the furniture together. Rock-based basins bring the ergonomics of the lavatory into order and create an effortless flow to your morning routine. With the chaos of scrambling to work quelled thanks to the calming presence of a cloakroom sink, every single one of our bathroom vanity units is available in a variety of styles, intended to optimise the amount of storage space you have in your personal retreat. Thanks to Durovin’s bathroom sinks and cabinets, you can spend less time scrambling in the morning and more time making yourself beautiful for the day ahead.

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Our bathroom basin units come in an assortment of designs; even the material of the basin can be up to you with the choice of ceramic basin or stone resin sink. Your architectural preference is also kept in mind; you have the option between countertop basins, wall-mounted basins, pedestal sinks, vanity units, double basins, and semi-recessed sinks to choose from. Durovin: Designed with you in mind.

High Gloss Ceramic Basins

The ceramic basin is the most widely available type of cloakroom sink in our collection. Finished with a brilliantly high white gloss, ceramic sinks are the staple of both modern and traditional bathrooms around the globe. We know that every home and its bathroom have different needs. With our wide array of shapes and sizes, we know we’ll have the perfect ceramic wash basin to meet those needs. The porcelain basins at Durovin are moulded from China clay, fired to harden, glazed, then baked again, giving the surface a hardened finish. This amazing process can cause the product to appear warped and distorted. But it is not a sign of a defective product, rather a unique badge bestowed exclusively to you. For each ceramic basin unit specifically handcrafted, every model is uniquely shaped in a subtle but intimate way. You might be asking yourself questions like “how long do ceramic sinks last?” Or “how can I clean my ceramic basin?” Fret not, all questions can be poised to our extremely reliable support team, or answered within our FAQ section. You do not need to worry much though, as the traditional rounded edges or ultra-modern architectural lines of sinks made of ceramic are a bathroom essential. They are both built to last and are easy to clean. That high gloss clean and easy finish will add that final touch of luxury your washroom has been looking for.

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Stone Resin Basins

Stunningly aesthetic whilst practically applicable, our sinks made of stone have been skilfully moulded from a single piece into the behemoth of beauty you see before you, all by the hands of a master craftsman. Our stone resin basins are bound from an authentic piece of stone, then crushed and fused by polymer resin and natural minerals. Because the moulding process allows for more accurate control than the ceramic basin, a remarkably fine-detailed sink unit is rendered. Durovin’s stone sinks and cabinets come complete with a satin finish, deliberately designed to be the focal point of your bathroom, and turn heads toward it. Moreover, the stone bathroom sinks are nonporous with superior resistance against mould, bacteria, stains, dirt, heat, abrasions, chemicals, flaking, and breakage. With an ever-expanding library of modern styles, sharp lines, minimalist shapes, and sizes; stone sink units are quintessential for adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom statement. Durovin Bathrooms are your UK standard outlet here to upgrade your lavatory experience.

Wall Hung Basins

For when you’re looking to enlarge your bathroom, the wall-mounted basin has you covered with the things it’s not covering. We all know that England has a notorious reputation for having cramped, overcrowded room spaces. With our wall mount sink that is attached to the façade without the need for a supportive structure, you can finally enjoy that ergonomic space to breathe. Say goodbye to claustrophobia and hello to wide-open spaces, as when paired with our floating hanging toilet, you can fully feel that added touch of sophistication. Having both a floating toilet and a wall-hung basin is perfect for a modernised appeal, and also practical by having the free space beneath your sink that would be occupied by the shell of a vanity unit or pedestal sink. With the wall-hung basin, unnecessary clutter will be a thing of the past, and your bathroom experience can finally feel free of suffocation.

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Counter Top Basins

Both sturdy and immaculate, the dazzling design of the narrow countertop basin emphasises the sink material. Be it stone or ceramic, the simplicity of the vessel sink cannot be understated. The countertop sink unit loudly pronounces a love for the fundamentals of bathroom basins, because they realise that you can’t beat a classic. If you’re thinking of buying some gorgeous furniture to deck out your lavatory, the countertop basin (curvy or oval) will naturally gel with the workshop and pull off a striking impression. The innovative vessel sink includes a faucet for easy water access, an overflow hole to prevent spills, and a non-slip ring at the base to keep it steady, all easily cleanable with soap and warm water. All in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Treat your traditional home design with beauty, practicality, and modernism. Treat it with Durovin.

Semi-Recessed Basins

Robust and rotund, our drop-in basin installation will keep the bottom portion of the sink body stationed beneath the counter, giving the exposed upper body much-needed accentuation. The Durovin semi-recessed bathroom sink comes coated in NANO technology. This means less dirt and no stubborn deposits which equals a significantly easier clean without chemical agents. Sitting low whilst subtly jutting its forward out, the chic structure of the semi-recessed basin opens up a world of possibilities for your bathroom décor. Blending style and utility effortlessly, the drop-in sink ensures you’re never awkwardly leaning forward over the workshop to reach it. Assorted in a wide range of compact designs, the semi-recessed sink gives you enough space and depth to pronounce yourself inside the modern bathroom.

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Freestanding Pedestal Basins

The freestanding sink is for when you want to make a statement with your interior design. Because the focus is so minimal compared to other vanity units, pedestal bathroom basins are the first choice for spatial enthusiasts who prefer small baths and powder rooms. Tried and tested, pedestal sinks are ingeniously crafted to draw eyes away from and cover up the ghastly plumbing pipework underneath. Stand-mounted basins are installable with minimal fuss and support their weight. From compact and sharp to curvaceous contemporary, the freestanding basin brings natural beauty to your bathroom that will never go out of fashion.

Bathroom Vanity Units - wall hung vanity unit with countertop basin

If fusion is the name of the game, bathroom vanity units would be the mascot. Much like pedestal basins, vanity sinks also make the effort to conceal the unsightly pipework beneath the sink. But the bathroom combination vanity units take it one step beyond, it gives an aesthetic quality and practical tool to go along with it. Basin cabinets feature your usual countertop basin but have it integrated with a set of cupboards or drawers’ underneath. It means that your bathroom now has extra storage space to keep it tidy to make manoeuvring simple. Under-sink vanity units provide visual relief as well as practical purpose - you can now find a home for your quintessential bathroom accessories without compromising on style. Ranging from traditional and classic to ultra-modern and minimalist, the basin vanity sinks are the definition of versatility. If you love cleanliness, you’ll love vanity units.

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Cloakroom Basins

Concise, compact, and compelling, the Durovin Cloakroom Basin oozes class and innovation. These bathroom cabinets retain their operational function whilst remaining space-conscious. The minimalist sink units provide an ideal option for small cloakrooms and bathrooms where space can be an obstacle, while never compromising on the need for lavish structure and style. With a range of designs all below 500mm in width, each basin has been handcrafted with area and functionality in mind, but never to compromise on luxury and elegance. Usable in most cloakrooms or master bathrooms, the cloakroom sink unit has a surface that is easy to clean and maintain with its water-resistant feature. Each basin comes with UK standard outlets that, unless stated otherwise, are available in wall-mounted or countertop formats.


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